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What is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive Coaching is an advanced coaching technique that relies on a coach’s intuitive skills to help guide you to improve and achieve your dream life. Intuitive Coaching is based on intuition, energy, and inner wisdom as the main guiding principles to help unlock a client’s ability to access their intuition to help determine what they really want in life and how to get it so they can live their best life.
Intuition is about taking information, observations and knowledge and bringing it all together into a cohesive, in-depth understanding of each of my clients to create a meaningful transformation. An Intuitive Coach has the same principles as traditional coaching such as goal setting, working on habits and beliefs but with an elevated focus on intuition to create holistic and lasting change.

The Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

The Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

• Will help you gain clarity
• Empower you to get through blockages
• Help you to see your full potential
• Help you to overcome worries, fears and anxieties
• Helping you to reconnect with your inner compass.

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An Intuitive Coach Can Help You In The Areas Of:

• Love
• Career
• Finances
• Creativity
• Education
• Family
• Confidence
• Self-love
• Finding your true soul and purpose

Is Intuitive Coaching Right for You?

Are you constantly feeling drained and tired?
Do you feel trapped or stuck?
Has your enthusiasm for life waned or do you feel that you are having less fun than you used to?

I am happy to inform you that working with an Intuitive Coach can bring meaning back into your life and help restore your excitement and fulfillment for life.
If you are feeling any of the following then it may be useful to give me a call and we can have a chat and discuss how I can support you:

• Angry
• Resentful
• Unfulfilled
• Ashamed
• Depressed
• Empty
• Jealous of others
• Hurt by past events
• Lonely
• Unmotivated
• Drained and tired
• Confused about where your life is going.

Finding the right coach to help you learn how to trust your intuition and consciously create the life of your dreams is an important step in achieving your goals and life and finding self-fulfillment. To be clear, Intuitive Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Therapy deals with past traumas whereas coaching deals with moving forward to the future. We do observe them.

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